The Production

After a hard year developing the script, which is based on an unpublished memoir, production office officially opened on February 1st, 2019.

What have we been doing during the Sping of 2019? Well…

  • We broke-down the script to analyze every single NEED.
  • We performed auditions and select our CAST.
  • We selected our professional CREW.
  • We did scouting and select our LOCATIONS.
  • We organized the shooting SCHEDULE & BUDGET.
  • We worked hard to secure the FUNDS to produce the movie (so far, we have raised half of the 20,000 USD).
  • We went into postproduction to edit the movie, add the soundtrack, do the sound design, and color correct it.
  • We are getting ready to start our festivals and distribution itinerary.
  • We currently work on a MARKETING strategy to distribute the movie and work on the upcoming feature.

This is what making a movie is like!