The Feature

“Our entire family moved to California. Investing time, energy, money and with the support of many, we made this short. And all this for nothing? No. The time has come. With or without you, but one thing we are confident about: this story needs to be told and we are making this feature.”

Gonzalo Guajardo & Abezash Tamerat

This trailer up here belongs to the cornerstone of our feature. Paper Boats, a short film that we completed in 2019, currently showing in festivals worldwide, having won a few awards:

If you want to support this movie and invest in us, whether it is with human or financial capital, we believe that our best cover letter is nothing but our short, proof of concept for the upcoming full-length movie. Feel free TO SEND US A MESSAGE telling us who you are, and we will be happy to provide a private password for you to be able to watch the short:

PAPER BOATS SHORT FILM (Producers & festivals only)

Currently, our team is working on the script and recruiting talent. Our aim is to get the green light and start preproduction by the end of 2020, in order to begin principal photography in 2021 and release the film at the end of the year.

For inquiries, offers, support or any other comment, please visit us on our CONTACT PAGE.