Cast & Crew


The CAST of the movie is composed primarily by Ethiopian and US actors. We did auditions in LA and Addis Ababa.


The CREW of the movie is composed by an international ensemble of students, alumni, and professionals working in the film industry in Los Angeles, CA. 

Full List

1 Original Story: Abezash Tamerat (US/Ethiopia)

2 Screenwriter & Director: Gonzalo Guajardo. (Spain)

3 Ex. Producer: Gonzalo Guajardo & Abezash Tamerat (Spain – US/Ethiopia)

4 Producer: Helena Papayanopulos (Mexico) and Gonzalo Guajardo (Spain)

5 Co-producers: Bakyt Zhumadilova (Kazakhstan)

6 1st AD: Katheryn Sanchez (Colombia)

7 Script supervisor: Mohammed Elshebabi (Egypt)

8 Production Designer: P. N. Quenim (India)

9 Key Grip: Samuel Nkwume (Nigeria)

11 Assistant Grip: Menase Demisse (Ethiopia)

12 DP: Wara Pornkulwat (Thailand)

13 1st AC: Vaihab Handore (India)

14 Gaffer: Pongsakorn Kamhangngam (Thailand)

15 Origami Consultant: Yanghe Gao (China)

16 Sound Mixer: Paul Wells (US)

17 Makeup & Hair:  Hanna Carleton (US)

18 Making of & Still Photo: Mark Buckley & Helena Papayanopulos (US & Mexico)P

19 Music By: J. M. Quintana Cámara (Spain)

20. Editor: Fátima de los Santos & Gonzalo Guajardo (Spain)

21. Editor Assistant & DIT: Amanda Álvarez Díaz (Spain)

22 Color Correction: Jose Andres Cortes (Colombia)